SBK, Loris Baz: "When you follow another rider it seems that there are 40 degrees more"

"It's great to go back to racing after watching the MotoGP races. In the heat I had problems in the Barcelona tests so this morning I tried something new on the Yamaha"


Superbike is back. Today, in fact, at the Jerez de la Frontera track, the production-based racing series took to the track for the second round of the season, the first after the stop for Coronavirus. This morning, in FP1, it was Loris Baz on the Yamaha of the Ten Kate team who set the quickest time and then held on to that in the combined standings at the end of the day. Loris, how good is it to get back to racing?

“After watching the MotoGP races of the past weeks, it is really nice to be back on the track as well. The Barcelona tests were really useful because in hot conditions I was suffering and so we tried some new things on the bike this morning and they worked ”.

The new things helped you to set a really good lap time, you are the best in the combined standings...

"Yes, that's true. But in fact, they are new things developed for the race. Today I worked a lot with used tyres, both in the morning and in the afternoon and my pace was good, as well as my feelings on the bike were good too ".

You also had a technical problem this morning that didn't allow you to finish FP1. What happened?

“We still don't know exactly what happened. It is probably something to do with the new engine, which gives us a little more power but that on a track like this does not make a big difference. I am happy that it happened in FP1 and not tomorrow ".

How did you find the track? Will the heat greatly affect race performance?

“I expected there to be worse grip than this; the tyres wear out quickly, it's true, but not as quickly as they did in the Barcelona tests. Here the problem is when you follow another rider, it seems that there are 40 degrees more ".




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