MotoGP, Jarvis: "Marquez is in an extraordinary moment but everything has an end"

"Our goal is for our riders to finish ahead of him. I prefer to have two top riders in the team, it is more difficult to manage but also stimulating"


2020 began with a brace of wins at Jerez for Quartararo, but also with the absence of Marc Marquez, the man who has dominated the recent seasons. After a period of undisputed dominance, this time for the Honda champion reconfirming his supremacy is looking to be an uphill struggle and many observers are wondering if his reign is about to come to an end.

Yamaha managing director Lin Jarvis had a go at answering the question, starring in a podcast on

"Marquez is the only one able to ride the Honda and get the best out of it – was his opinion - He has a lot of talent, is in great shape and is tremendously motivated. Right now, he has all the stars aligned, he is in an extraordinary moment, but everything has an end and our mission is for our riders to finish ahead of him ".

Speaking of riders, Lin seems to have put his hand on the button this year because Quartararo and Vinales, the factory team’s line-up starting next year, are currently lying at the top of the MotoGP world championship standings.

“In this sport there are big egos - he explained - and there are times when you have to manage the riders. It is quite difficult, but I would always like to have two top riders in the team instead of a number 1 and a number 2, it is more stimulating. I think that this year's team is going well and next year’s as well, we will have two young guys of the highest level. "




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