MotoGP, Yamaha engine alarm: all riders with new engines at Jerez 2

Vinales has already had all 5 engines available punched, Rossi, Morbidelli and Quartararo 4 and in Japan they are working to solve the problem


There is something not quite right with Yamaha's new engine. Last week, during the race, Valentino Rossi stopped after a red warning light on the dashboard of his M1 came on, revealing a technical problem, and in those cases the motorbike must be turned off to avoid serious damage.

During the week there was a rumour that Rossi and Vinales's engines had been sent back to Japan for checks. Despite the questions, the riders entrenched themselves behind a classic 'no comment' answer. Today, however, the official list of engines used by all the riders in MotoGP has arrived and just one glance is enough to see that there are some problems.

All the other riders have used only two engines (one per motorcycle) for the Spanish and Andalusia GPs, but not the Yamaha ones.

Out of all of them, the worst off is Maverick Vinales, who has already used all 5 engines at his disposal (the number has been reduced from the 7 normally granted due to the reduction of the number of Grands Prix). Last weekend he used 3 and he has used 2 of them this weekend. One is reported as no longer available, and that’s the one sent to Iwata. This does not mean that it is lost, because after checks (without opening it) the engine can be used again.

Anche Valentino Rossi non ha più un motore a disposizione, ed è quello che aveva avuto problemi la scorsa domenica. Questo fine settimana, ne ha usato due nuovi. Una precauzione che è stata presa anche per i piloti del team Petronas.

Anche Morbidelli e Quartarato, infatti, hanno usato propulsori freschi per il GP di Andalusia. È chiaro quindi che nei primi motori punzonati c’era qualcosa che non andava. Resta ora da capire se si tratti di un problema risolvibile o meno, altrimenti potrebbero essere guai grossi per i piloti di Iwata.


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