MotoGP, Bagnaia: "The contract? I'm just thinking about being the fastest on the Ducati."

"I did it today, but it'll be different tomorrow, and the Yamaha will be faster. Marquez performed a miracle today riding in his condition."


Last week he failed just by a few tenths. Today, Francesco Bagnaia didn't waste his second chance, and he placed his Ducati (Pramac's) in the front row. It was a debut at the top for him, but the flying lap wasn't the only highlight for Bagnaia. His pace seems to be the right one to show off.

"First of all, I'll have to be fast throughout the race, because last Sunday, after a dozen laps, I started struggling with the front tire," Pecco recalled. "That's why we worked a lot on the pace, using worn tires, and the FP2 and FP4 were important to consolidate this."

In the race, we all know, things could change.

I think the pace will be slower for everyone, compared to today," he anticipated. " I feel confident, but I also know that the two Yamahas are still a bit faster than I am. I'll be able to count on the strengths of the Ducati, in braking and the engine. We'll see if I can keep up with them."

Valentino Rossi bet on Pecco for the podium.

Bagnaia smiled before replying: “My pace is good. I think the first ten laps will be very important in managing the rear tire. Then we'll have to see what the temperatures will be. With today's heat, it'll be a different race. I feel comfortable. I'll try to keep up with the Yamaha. I certainly feel more ready than a week ago."

A good result would also be useful for his future, considering that Bagnaia is not the only one who hasn't yet signed a renewal. Neither has Dovizioso. Which means there's a vacancy on the official team.

I think the only thing for me to do at the moment is to go fast to then be able to sign the contract," he said. "Right now, I'm just thinking of making the Ducati more comfortable for me and riding it better. Compared to last year, I'm stronger in braking. I just want to understand the bike and be the fastest rider on the Ducati. Today I did it, but the race is tomorrow and everything will be different. "

Before leaving, Francesco commented on Marquez's attempt to race.

“Marquez performed a miracle this morning, getting on his motorcycle four days after surgery and getting very fast times, especially in conditions that were difficult for everyone. Sometimes doctors tell you that you can try, but it's your sensations that have the last word," he said.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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