MotoGP, Valentino Rossi: "Marquez isn't out of the battle for the World Championship yet"

"I'm changing the M1 and my riding style, but sometimes having too much experience is a disadvantage. Bagnaia? Cool, tomorrow he will fight for the podium"


The grid-girls that populated the virtual background yesterday have disappeared, to be replaced by the more classic one with the sponsors. "Better to avoid any distractions, I have to focus on the race," jokes Valentino Rossi, and the premises are much better than those of a week ago. His 4th time in qualifying is a guarantee, but to eliminate the remaining doubts, however, he will have to wait for the lights to go out.

One thing is already certain, he won’t find Marquez on the track…

“It won't change much for me; I'm focused on myself. He made a very extreme attempt this time, for me it was already incredible to see him on the scooter or walk in the paddock after such an operation - commented the Doctor - Riding a MotoGP bike however is very difficult ".

Will missing tomorrow's race put an end to his championship hopes?

“It will depend above all on how many points Vinales, Quartararo and Dovizioso will score tomorrow. He will certainly be at a disadvantage, but last week Marc showed he had the pace to win, in fact he was the fastest of all. I think the championship is definitely not over for him. "

And for you?

“I have zero points, it's a shame to start like this but last Sunday the real problem was not technical, it was because I was too slow. Now it seems that my situation is better, but I still need time. Although there are fewer races, the season is still long, but before thinking about the championship I have to try to be more competitive. "

You were today…

"We continued to work on the bike, I feel better, although I continued to suffer a bit in the afternoon, even if in those conditions it was difficult for everyone. It looks like tomorrow will be even hotter, it could be the hottest race I have ever done, the situation will be really at the limit, doing 25 laps will be a challenge ”.

Are you ready?

"I will start from a good position and my pace is not bad, but I’m still losing in some points of the track".

How come?

“In recent years, the riding style in MotoGP has changed a lot, in some corners you have to do the right things to take advantage of the tyres rather than riding well. It's not easy, I have a lot of experience but sometimes it can be a limit, because you need to have an open mind and change ".

As you have done with the M1…

“We have changed the weight balance a lot to allow me to get into the corners quickly, that's my style. So on the one hand I have to adapt myself to the bike and on the other, it to me. The first step was a good one, now we have to continue like this ”.

Are you thinking about the podium?

“Fourth position is a good place to start from, but at the moment I don't have the pace to get up there. We are continuing to work because I am not far away and the heat of tomorrow could make a difference, anything could happen ”.

Will it be a particularly important race for you?

“From a personal point of view, yes, because I am following a path and I have to keep improving. On the other hand, it will have the same importance as all the others. "

You may find yourself struggling with your protégé Bagnaia, he will start in front of you…

“Pecco is working and training a lot, he is in good shape and has taken a step forward with the Ducati, which is certainly a fast but also complicated bike. Already last week I saw that he rode well and today even more; in my opinion tomorrow he will be able to fight for the podium. Pecco is cool, the whole Academy is very happy. "



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