MotoGP, Marquez’ crash data: almost 26 g of force in the impact

Alpinestars has published the information recorded by the airbag: Marc rolled in the gravel for 3.55 seconds


Marquez’ crash last Sunday was a hard one, with his Honda throwing him into the air at more than 130 km/h and on impact Marc broke his humerus in his right arm.

Alpinestars has released data recorded by its air bag system, which was activated just before the Spanish rider hit the ground.

The most impressive number is that of the maximum recorded force, starting at 25.98 g, as you can see from the graph above. After the first impact, Marquez continued to roll in the gravel for 3.55 seconds.

Once again, the air bag made all the difference by preventing an injury that could have been much worse.





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