MotoGP, BREAKING NEWS - Marc Marquez on plane to Jerez, attempting to race

Honda has officially stated that the world champion is going to the circuit to undergo check-ups


Marc Marquez wants to attempt to race in Jerez and boarded a plane to the Spanish circuit two days after surgery for his fractured humerus last Sunday.

HRC first confirmed it on Twitter, followed by Respol, the team's sponsor: "Marc Marquez's suitcases are ready and he's leaving for to Jerez".

What seemed like a crazy idea yesterday is now a reality. But he'll have to undergo a medical check-up on the circuit, and the doctors will verify if he can try to get on his Honda this weekend or not.

However, once he receives the go-ahead from the doctors, Marc might still decide to only get on the track on Saturday, prolonging his recovery by one day.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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