MotoGP, Alex Marquez: "Marc is angry and not optimistic about the injury"

"The thing that hurts him most is that he fell because of a slight error. He was happy with the comeback, he didn't think he was going to the podium, but would make the first six."


A bitter Sunday and one also filled with worries for the Marquez family. The fall that the eight-time world champion faced has, in fact, kept everyone with bated breath, while everyone is waiting to find out what happened to #93 and learn what his recovery times will be.

The Spanish rider on the Honda team did not give any statements so Alex, who had the opportunity to share a few moments with him, was the one to speak.

“I got to see and talk to Marc," his brother, Alex, stated. "The feelings aren't good, given that every time he falls he's never happy. He knows he's gotten hurt and is not optimistic about it. Personally, I hope he heals quickly and gets back into shape quickly, even if we don't know his recovery times."

Alex then explains what happened.

“What angered him most was that he was already on the podium and had practically passed Maverick and that, in the end, he didn't really fall, since he only made one slight error. But this is the World Championship and, consequently, these things can happen. I'm convinced that Marc will learn from what has happened and will come back stronger than before."

He too was impressed by the super comeback his brother had.

After that error, it took Marc two laps to clean the tires and find the right temperature. Once he regained his pace, he realized he had a good one, but he didn't even think of reaching the podium. In fact, he believed he was getting a fifth or sixth place."

Alex finally ended his statement showing his regret.

“When I saw him on the ground, I thought, 'that's a corner where you enter at a particularly high speed and, consequently, if you fall you get hurt'. In the past, many riders have been injured. I feel bad for him, and I hope to find him soon on the track because Marc is an animal, but also a reference for all of us, and he shows us the way forward."

With Marc out of the game, all the spotlights at HRC will be on Alex in view of the second round in Jerez, scheduled in just seven days.

“I'll simply have to do my job. I'm definitely not Honda's number one rider, because the HRC has fast, strong riders like Nakagami and Crutchlow. I'm convinced that we'll all work together to be strong."

The last thing he spole about was the result of his first GP in the top class.

“The result is certainly positive, because we had little time to prepare and, in the end, we managed to improve. It wasn't easy to face this GP without any tests, such as those Aprilia had in June. Personally, I'm happy, because I managed to take a step forward compared to Wednesday, even improving my pace in the FP4. The conditions were difficult today, so much so that everyone suffered with these really high temperatures. So, we need to work to grow and be even more competitive."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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