MotoGP, LATEST NEWS: fracture in the upper arm humerus bone confirmed: Marc will be operated on Tuesday in Barcelona.

Puig on Marquez:  "here doesn't seem to be a problem with the wrist, but I prefer the doctors to speak. They did the X-rays, soon we'll know if he has to stay here, or if we'll have to move him and maybe operate"


Alberto Puig spoke to the TV journalists present at the medical centre of the Jerez circuit to check on the conditions of Honda rider Marc Marquez, victim of a bad crash while he was attacking Maverick Vinales for second place in the race, after a storming comeback.

Puig was unable to provide complete news about the matter because the situation is not entirely clear and it will take some time before it is.

"They are seeing if there is a fracture - said Puig - but it is better to leave the word to the doctors because they are still checking. Marc has severe pain in his right arm, but it is still unclear what that is. Now it is not expected he will go to Jerez hospital. He will stay here at the medical centre for now, the doctors will decide. "

There are doubts that it is actually a fracture, but Puig made it clear that in any case it is not a wrist fracture.

"We will see if it is really a fracture, but it is clear that the problem is in the arm rather than the wrist. There may be a problem in the humerus, it took a bad blow. It could be a fracture; they are doing the X-rays. For now he has taken painkillers, we'll see what the doctors' final decision will be, if they want to keep him here or if we have to move him to do further checks or possibly an operation. At the moment I can't say any more. A pity because he was doing an incredible race. "

Puig was unable to speak directly to Marquez.

"I couldn't see him; I only spoke to the doctors. I'm just bringing back their words. I don't really know what to think for next week, I don't even know what's going on right now, to give an answer about next week is unthinkable. "

It is a strange and rare fracture, because it seems that he was hit by the bike. It appears that they tried to compose the fracture and medicate a chest trauma. Marc initially suffered from very severe pain, so he was sedated.

The risk is a compression of the radial nerve at the elbow which results in two clinically distinct syndromes: 1) Radial tunnel syndrome 2) Posterior interosseous nerve syndrome. Although the causes of these two pathologies are similar, the main difference between them is that the first leads to a painful symptomatology, without motorial deficit, while the second involves the nerve with paresis or paralysis without pain.

As Marc is in pain it will probably be the first problem.



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