MotoGP, Miller: "I crapped myself when I saw Rins' bike"

"Alex's Suzuki zipped by right in front of my eyes. I started going fast to save myself. Fortunately, I survived."


What a scare Jack Miller! The Australian almost got hit by Alex Rins' Suzuki in the closing minutes of the session. A crazy qualifying round for the Pramac rider who ended up falling in the last sector of the track. When he got up and realized that the engine was still running, the moment he approached the bike to turn it off, he saw the Spanish rider's Suzuki pass him like a missile.

I reached Turn 11 too fast and fell," Jack began. "But the Ducati's engine was still on, so I went back to the bike to turn it off. In the meantime I then heard the noise of another bike that ended up falling and, when I realized it was Rins', I crapped on myself, because it zipped right past me. Fortunately, I survived. Inside of me, I just wanted to run away, so as not to get run over."  

Unfortunately, in qualifying he weren't able to take advantage of the last attempt.

It didn't go badly for a qualifying session, even if the final result was not what I expected," the Australian rider said.  "The first sector was not the best, then I ended up falling in my last attempt. I feel really bad, because I had the right confidence with the bike and in the FP4, and I had figured out which tires and set-up to use for the race."

What race should we expect for tomorrow?

I have to say that, in the morning, the sensations are better than in the afternoon, as far as my Ducati is concerned. Personally, I'm confident. I hear many riders say that it will be a race with a slow pace because of the temperatures and the tires, but I don't believe that. In my opinion, there will be several who will ride at a low 1'38 ”, and I think I can be one of those. Then we'll see tomorrow."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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