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MotoGP, Rossi: why he'll race again, the VR46 like a soccer team

VIDEO - Tour of the Tavullia Ranch where the 9-time world champion trains and hangs out with the Academy guys

MotoGP, Rossi: why he'll race again, the VR46 like a soccer team
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Loris Capirossi said it again today: "I'm happy that Valentino will continue. It's difficult to ride a MotoGP bike at 41, but he wants to, and training with young people makes him enthusiastic."  

So Valentino Rossi will continue in the MotoGP.  The agreement with Petronas has finally arrived, after months of negotiations, especially regarding the Tavullia rider's team. All that's missing is the official announcement. Without races during these first months of the year, Valentino found his motiviation to continue in daily training, post lockdown, at the Tavullia Ranch along with the riders of his Academy.

The Doctor showed everyone on YouTube his Ranch, which has been his headquarters for years, proudly affirming that he wanted the lockerroom like a real soccer team one where "everyone has their own place".

"We sit here before riding, we talk and joke around," Valentino said. "Then after riding we go back down and share our feelings, and we also talk about our championships."  

In the video you'll also get to see the Ranch's kitchen and bedrooms, as well as a series of photographs with the riders who rode as guests in Rossi's personal "TT".

Translated by Leila Myftija

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