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MotoGP, A. Espargarò: "The heat makes it clear who trains and who posts on Instagram"

"Lapping is exhausting, but the asphalt has held up well. The problem? We could not test the reliability before today, but I'm happy with the bike"

MotoGP: A. Espargarò:

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about his brother, but on Jerez Wednesday Aleix Espargarò also stood out. In fact, the Aprilia rider finished sixth in the combined classification of the day, right in front of Pol, a sign that the new Noale project seems to have been born under a good star. This is despite the problem that occurred to the Spaniard in the afternoon, when an oil leak from his RS-GP led to the red flags coming out.

“Before today we had little time to test the reliability of the bike - says Aleix - and consequently such things can happen: with bike 1 I had problems both in the morning and in the afternoon, while with the second it all went well. The thing that satisfies me most about the day is the pace that I managed to maintain, even on a track that is not easy for us like Jerez ".

Aleix repeatedly confirmed the good work done by Aprilia, despite the difficult last few months.

"Italy was one of the countries most affected by Covid, and as a result the work in Noale could not continue, so our bike is essentially the one of the pre-season tests. However, the situation is good, and I am sure that in the future we will be able to improve further. "

Another important theme of the day is the heat, speaking of which the Spaniard wanted to get something off his chest…

“The weather is really hot and exhausting, but we went well and set fast times. The asphalt reacted really well to the high temperatures, which certainly makes it clear if a person has really been training or just putting photos on Instagram while doing it. "

In conclusion, Aleix also talks about the new rear tyre brought by Michelin for the Andalusian round

“The new tyre worked well I would say. Our bike is similar to the Yamaha in terms of riding style, it takes advantage of cornering speed, and the best response from the tyre regards its durability, given that the drop was homogeneous and not too evident, unlike some races of the past seasons ".



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