Honda offers SBK to Crutchlow. "My story in the MotoGP is not over"

Cal wants to continue racing in the World Championship, but Puig opens a door: "There will always be a possibility for Cal if he wants to consider the idea of the SBK."


What will Crutchlow's future be? The announcement made by Honda yesterday was proof that they showed him the door and, if there were any other doubts, Alberto Puig dotted his "i"s and crossed his "t"s: "Unfortunately, we don't have bikes for all the riders, and we made this decision. But I think Cal will always be remembered like a Honda man. He did a lot for the brand."

Nice words, but they don't change the British rider's situation, although he has no intention of stopping nor of leaving the MotoGP.

"I've known the situation for three months but, like I said, I want to continue racing and do it in the MotoGp," Crutchlow told BT Sport.

But where? At this moment the only possibility would be Aprilia, however,  the decision is in the hands of the CAS, and they'll still have to wait.

I spent some good years in LCR," CAL continued. "All three of my MotoGP victories have been won with this team. I have to thank them, and the story is still not over  because Nakagami hasn't yet been confirmed. My story in the MotoGP is certainly not over."

That seems to be a response to a proposal made by Alberto Puig, meaning, staying in Honda but switching to the SBK.

"Honda has a team in the SBK, and Cal will always have an opportunity if he wants to contemplate this option, because Honda's goal is to win the title in the near future in the SBK," the Spanish manager said.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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