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MotoGP, LIVE - Stigefelt, Yamaha Petronas manager: at 4pm the truth about Rossi

VIDEO - Today our guest is going to be someone who knows about Valentino Rossi's contract with the Yamaha Petronas Team and all the related details.

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We're very close to the green light in Jerez, which will officially kick off the 2020 season. Yet, a lot of fans are already looking ahead at 2021 and especially Valentino Rossi's. The will of the rider has appeared quite clear to everyone, determined not to finish his career in a season as controversial as the one that is about to begin.

Equally clear is that the only real possibility for Rossi has always been landing a spot on the Yamaha Petronas Team, officially supported by the Iwata factory. The signature has long appeared a mere formality, but the facts have shown us that formalities in the MotoGP do not exist, and even an outcome that seemed more than obvious can actually reserve several surprises.

To clarify once the issues, once and for all, today one of the most informed people about the facts, namely, Johan Stigefelt, will be the guest in our live broadcast at 4pm. The former rider  is the Yamaha Petronas Team Manager, the team in which Valentino Rossi seems destined to land, and he certainly knows the story, thanks to his privileged observation point. Today will also be an opportunity for all fans to ask Stigefelt their questions, since the manager will be a key figure in the final phase of Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP career.

The live broadcast will be streamed on our 

YouTube channel and our  Facebook page, and keeping  Stigefelt company will be  Paolo Scalera and Matteo Aglio.  So get your questions ready for Johan and… Stay tuned!

Translated by Leila Myftija

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