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Best Motor Racing Games of All Time

Hopping on a motorcycle and hitting the road in real life can be thrilling, but there are certain things you can only do in videogames if you truly want to fulfil all of your racing fantasies

Playtime - Viaggi: Best Motor Racing Games of All Time


Hopping on a motorcycle and hitting the road in real life can be thrilling, but there are certain things you can only do in videogames if you truly want to fulfil all of your racing fantasies.

Tons of games have focused on competitive motorsport over the years, so here is a look at just a few of the best examples ever released, ranging from retro classics to modern masterpieces.

Road Rash

Back in the early 1990s, the videogames industry was much more primitive than it is today, and it was still an era in which releases could shock mainstream audiences for their audacity and violence.

Road Rash capitalized on this with its heady blend of fast-paced motorcycle action and brutal opponent-bashing combat.

Its success spawned a slew of sequels and although it is now a franchise that lays dormant rather than dominating the modern scene, its legacy lives on in many 21st century racing titles.

MotoGP 20

The long running, officially sanctioned MotoGP series of videogames has established itself as one of the best full-blown simulators aimed at this motorsports niche. The latest annual update brings a bevy of brilliant features with it, as well as being available on almost every conceivable platform, ranging from the low-powered Nintendo Switch to the cloud-powered game streaming service Stadia.

With graphics that veer close to photorealism, a rich career mode to keep you playing for hours and tons of tiny details included, such as wear and tear on tires, brakes and other components, it will keep hardcore fans gripped.

It even features a management mode, catering to players who want an even deeper, more tactical experience. If you like strategy games, or keeping tabs on Casumo odds to see how different riders and teams are likely to fare this season, then this element could be another selling point for MotoGP 20.

Trials Rising

The original Trials game was a browser-based experience that started life way back at the turn of the millennium, but over the years it developed into a supremely popular series of titles for PC and console alike, boasting a combination of speed-focused racing in combination with movement and physics-based puzzling.

Trials Rising is the latest and greatest edition, and while it is not attempting to offer any form of realism, it is all the better for its outlandish sense of humor and the sheer satisfaction that comes with tackling the increasingly steep challenges presented by its various tracks.

Grand Theft Auto V

Buried within the expansive set of features that this open world action crime RPG has to offer is a surprisingly comprehensive competitive racing mode, which is particularly easy to enjoy when playing online.

As well as being able to race against huge numbers of other players from around the world on superbikes, dirt bikes and even straight up push bikes, there are tons of other vehicles to jump onboard, ranging from sports cars to fighter jets and beyond. It also boasts a cavalcade of crazy tracks, with player-generated content helping to keep things fresh.

Like Trials Rising, there is not a huge amount of realism associated with the racing portions of GTAV, but that does not detract from the fun that is to be had here.

Burnout Paradise

Now is a great time to get into Burnout Paradise, as it has just been re-released in a remastered form and it features lots of racing-focused entertainment across its sprawling city environment.

Competing on motorbikes in its arcade-style races is just one option available, as there is also a wealth of four wheeled vehicles to choose from. A combination of varied events, crisp graphics and pure adrenaline-pumping action are enough to earn this game a place in the list.


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