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MotoGP, Alex and Marc Marquez: special helmets against coronavirus in Jerez

VIDEO - The two brothers will wear special graphics to show their solidarity at this time. Helmets, gloves and boots will then be auctioned off for charity

MotoGP, Alex and Marc Marquez: special helmets against coronavirus in Jerez
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The riders Marc Márquez and Alex Márquez continue to show solidarity with all the people who are suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and for this reason, they will start the 2020 World Championship at the Jerez Grand Prix wearing a special helmet that will serve to raise money together with Allianz Seguros.

The design of this helmet is a tribute to the entire society that has suffered and continues to suffer due to this pandemic, both to professionals in the different basic sectors who have worked tirelessly to keep essential services active, and to all the people who have been confined at home all this time and who are now gradually returning to normal life.

"Pushing Ahead Together" is the motto that they will use on the helmet to send a message of solidarity, gratitude and hope, thanking society for adapting to the circumstances in order to get through this situation together.

Marc and Alex will wear the helmet on a very special day as it will be the first time that they will compete together officially in the MotoGP category.

Both riders will donate these special helmets, gloves and boots to a charity auction. The auction will start on Friday, July 17 at 12 noon and will end on Monday, July 27 at 8:00p.m., through the Catawiki online platform

Allianz Seguros, personal sponsor of Marc Márquez and Alex Márquez, will join the initiative of the brothers, promoting the project and helping the fight against Covid-19 by donating the equivalent of 250 sets of medical equipment for health service personnel. This action is in addition to the various initiatives the company has taken to fight the coronavirus, such as the sponsorship of the OxyGEN emergency respirators.

Once the auction is over, all of the money raised will be donated to Red Cross Plan Response who will be responsible for distributing the funds in the best possible way and to those most in need.

Marc Márquez: “After two and a half months of isolation and after seeing the crisis caused by Covid-19, I wanted to somehow pay tribute to all the people who have suffered and continue to suffer due to this pandemic and also to all the professionals who have worked tirelessly during this period. After much thought and talking with my brother Alex, we thought that the option of making a helmet with a special design would be a nice tribute to all of them, and at the same time, with the auction after the Grand Prix, we can add another grain of sand towards combating this pandemic.

Alex Márquez: “Finally I will be able to debut in the MotoGP category at the Jerez Grand Prix, a dream come true, and there will be no better way to do it than wearing this beautiful helmet with all the meaning that this design carries. We spent days talking with Marc about what we could do when the competition came back, and designing a special helmet was a nice way to show solidarity with all the people who have had and are having a hard time in this difficult period for society, and at the same time to thank the work of all the professionals".

José Luis Ferré, CEO Allianz Seguros:We are very proud to promote this initiative together with the Márquez brothers, who are synonymous with dedication, effort and solidarity. We are united by common values that have led us to promote together many solidarity actions in recent years. Now, once again, it is a pleasure to help fight, as we have been doing, against the devastating effects that Covid-19 has had on the lives of so many people.”

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