MotoGP, Valentino Rossi is driving at Misano: a test in the Ferrari of Kessel

VIDEO - A few frames stolen on the track and the confirmation that Valentino is training between the kerbs of Marco Simoncelli with the 488 GT3. The desire for the track, even on 4 wheels, is more than intact

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Believe it or not, the driver who is taking a Team Kessel Ferrari 488 GT3 to the edge between the kerbs of Misano is Valentino Rossi. Unfortunately the images available to us are not excellent, because they are 'stolen' from outside the track, but the fact that Rossi is stretching his hands at the wheel is absolutely certain.

On the other hand, Valentino has said several times that his future after MotoGP will see him involved in four-wheeled Endurance racing, so it's fair to say that starting this season Rossi will be able to do an increasing number of sessions on the track with Kessel cars in order to improve his technique and be ready when he will be a 100% car driver.



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