MotoGP, Battistella: "A year off for Dovizioso is a possibility"

"Ducati wants to wait until the Austrian GP to talk about the future. Andrea doesn't want to retire, but he doesn't want to take part in a project that doesn't interest him"


Andrea Dovizioso's future is shrouded in dense fog, which is ill-suited to the summer climate. Only a few months ago the agreement for the renewal with Ducati seemed close, but the situation has precipitated and at the moment the company and the rider have not even entered into the details of the negotiations. Not only that, we will have to wait even longer. Paolo Ciabatti, sporting director of Ducati Corse, had already told us about this and Simone Battistella, the manager of Dovi, interviewed by DAZN Spain has confirmed it.

"We will probably have to wait for the Austrian Grand Prix to speak with Ducati - he explained - It is their decision, for Andrea it is not a problem. I hope this wait will not create tension in August, it will be a fundamental month. Especially for the Brno and Red Bull Ring races. "

The situation is clear: in Borgo Panigale they want a clear reduction in the retainer fee, Dovizioso is not inclined to agree to that and also wants technical guarantees. Hence an arm-wrestling contest that will last a long time. Right now, nobody wants to give in, right to the bitter end.

“Dovizioso wants an interesting project and the right conditions to be able to work. Otherwise, he will not accept the offer - said Battistella - If he does not receive an interesting offer, he will wait. "

But what, considering that all the places are virtually taken? The risk is that of being without a seat for 2021.

“That is a possibility - confirmed the manager - Andrea is not thinking of retiring. He feels strong and well. Apart from the accident with the motocross bike, he is probably in his best moment from a physical and mental point of view, so he is not thinking of stopping. But it is certain that if there is not an interesting project, he does not want to participate, so he will wait. It doesn't mean that he will retire, but that he won't have a team to race with."

In other words, taking a year off, a decision that would however lead to many other questions, in an important career moment for Dovi, who is no longer a young rider. Yet he sees no other alternative.

What does Andrea want?

"A rider always asks for a better bike to win, a constant evolution of all the technical aspects - Battistella answered - A rider always wants more. Of course, Andrea wants the bike to go better, especially in some circuits. I think that is normal, but I also think that a rider should improve the way he interprets the bike. It is a criticism that I respectfully give to Andrea and all the riders and Andrea has seen how much he can improve the bike. One of the things I have noticed in recent years in MotoGP is that the Marquez-Honda combination has managed to create a harmony between the bike and the rider that no one has managed to achieve. I don't know if it was all about Marc or how much about Honda, but they showed everyone a different style: the bike must follow the characteristics of the rider and the rider must be able to interpret the bike in the best way. "



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