Jet or full-face helmet? Here's what happened to an American motorcyclist...

A little stone can create lots of damage. But... jet helmets (even without a visor) are still approved for use on any motorcycle.


So this leads us to the eternal debate: jet or full- face helmet? Protection is never enough when riding. We see lots of "superheroes" in T-shirts and jeans during the summer, without back protectors and, why not, wearing jet helmets: "Hey, it's hot. I only have to ride 300 meters, what could happen?”You can challenge fate all you want, but it only takes five meters to really hurt yourself. Unfortunately, once it happens, there's no turning back.

Who knows what the guy in these photos thought after he chose to use a jet helmet, at his own expense? As you can see, he has a stone imbedded in his left cheek. But he could have lost an eye. It was obviously kicked up by the vehicle in front of him and the speed with which it hit him did the rest. What this lucky American motorcyclist will be taking with him from this experience is a nasty scar and a bad memory.

All this so that maybe you'll understand that a full-face helmet, or a (strictly closed!) modular one, can make a difference. A stone, a wasp, anything can and could create serious damage. That's why a chin guard and visor can be the foundation, the correct solution, the difference between throwing away a helmet or remaining scarred or impaired for life. Ponder that... .


Translated by Leila Myftija

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