MotoGP, Beauties on the track: the feminine side of Rossi, Marquez, and Dovizioso

GALLERY - Thanks to FaceApp we imagined an all-female line up. Can you guess who’s hiding behind these transformations?


Motorcycling is said to be a man's sport, but even if there are more women behind the scenes nowadays (from technicians, to team managers, to communications), the percentage of female riders is certainly not high. If there have been, and still are, women riders  (Ana Carrasco won the Supersport 300 World Championship in 2018), they're still an exception in the paddock.

But, fortunately, technology takes care of balancing things out. FaceApp is an app that's capable of making people change their gender... a fun pastime. So we perused the internet to find out what an all-female team would look like.

Without a doubt, the results are surprising, and some transformations were really successful.

Below is a gallery with many of the well-known faces from the MotoGP and SBK... in a new guise.

Can you recognize each guy... or shoudl be say, gal?

Translated by Leila Myftija

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