MotoGP, Vinales: "Rossi and Quartararo are not a risk but a motivation"

"It's important for me to be the first Yamaha rider to finish. Beat Marquez? This year, I'll be able to fight for positions that count every Sunday."


By deciding to stay with Yamaha, Maverick Vinales also earned the captain's title on the Yamaha team. However, it won't be an easy role to maintain, because Quartararo will be a difficult teammate to keep at bay. After all, the Spanish rider has learned to share the garage with Valentino Rossi, so he's trained and makes no secret of not fearing anyone.

"I don't see Valentino and Quartararo as a risk but as an additional motivation to go faster," Maverick said in an interview with Cycle World. "Having a fast rider like Valentino, and next year Quartararo, will help us further develop the M1."

Vinales, however, must be the team captain on paper.

I feel confident and calm. I feel ready but also aware that there is no number one rider in Yamaha ," he emphasized. "Only the results on the track count. We've taken a step forward every year, and now I feel even stronger. I was looking for stability, and I found it. In the past, I changed teams quite often, and this has not given me stability. It's important for me to strengthen this team spirit so I can feel fully supported and only think of riding."

And be the reference, of course.

"It's very important for me to be the first Yamaha rider at the finish line," he said.

Also because my goal is to beat Marc Marquez, which is not really that simple.

I've grown stronger every year, and so has the team. This season, I have the chance to fight for positions that count every Sunday, " Maverick confirmed.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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