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Zanardi: condition stationary, neurological picture remains serious

No further bulletins will be issued unless there are significant developments. Ferrari will race in Austria with a #ForzaAlex sticker on the cars

Auto - News: Zanardi: condition stationary, neurological picture remains serious

The condition of Alex Zanardi continues to be a subject of concern, as he underwent a second neurosurgery intervention the other day. The Le Scotte hospital in Siena where he is hospitalized published a new medical bulletin in the afternoon.

“After about 24 hours from the operation, he is showing a stationary clinical condition and a stable course from the neurological point of view, whose picture however remains serious – it was reported - Alex Zanardi is currently being held in the Intensive Care Unit, where he remains sedated and intubated, and is still on the critical list. In agreement with the family, no further medical bulletins will be issued in the absence of significant developments ".

Meanwhile, the investigation into the accident continues and the Siena prosecutor has appointed Dario Vangi, mechanical engineer and professor at the University of Siena, to the role of expert, to shed light on what happened on 19 June.

Demonstrations of closeness to Zanardi are continuing and the Ferrari team will have a sticker with the word #ForzaAlex on the cars of Leclerc and Vettel for the Formula 1 Austrian GP that will take place this weekend.


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