Fire in the pits at the Barcelona circuit: two motorcycles in flames

VIDEO - The flames spread during a day of free practice, no harm to people or structures


After the forced inactivity, many riders couldn’t wait to get back on track to produce some ‘sparks’ and ‘light up the track’ but nobody expected it to happen literally. Instead, in the past weekend during a day of free practice, a fire spread in a garage on the Barcelona circuit.

The spark, according to the Todocircuito website, was triggered by a BMW S 1000 RR when the (empty) fuel tank was removed to check for an electronics failure. The flames spread quickly and also reached a nearby parked Yamaha R1.

Luckily, those present acted quickly and put out the fire in no time at all. No one was hurt and the circuit structures were not damaged, but the same cannot be said of the two bikes, as you can see in the videos below.


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