Max Biaggi gets back into the game and challenges MotoGP and SBK in Misano

The Roman champion is beginning to enjoy riding again and after lapping not far from the SBK times on the Tuscan track, he went out with the Aprilia RSV4 X on the Marco Simoncelli circuit


Max Biaggi has not lost his need for speed. The great Roman champion has not been off his Aprilia RSV4 X recently, lapping first at Mugello and moving today to Misano. Biaggi at Mugello lapped in fast times according to the observers present in the pit lane, getting close to the 1m52s mark, which on the Tuscan track is definitely a good performance.

Just to have a benchmark, Michele Pirro with an SBK-spec Panigale V4R can dip slightly under the 1m50s barrier. Biaggi's lap times are therefore really significant and once again demonstrate how much Max has the ability to push to the limit despite the fact that he is not exactly a young guy anymore. Tomorrow he will be blowing out 49 candles…

Today the Roman Emperor took to the track at Misano, and it will be interesting to find out how fast he can lap compared to the times set by the SBK riders. Knowing Max's attitude, it is plausible that, although he is aware that he won’t be able to get too close to Redding & Co., the challenge to try to keep the gap as close as possible will probably lead him to raise the bar more and more. We remember very well the laps he did in 2019 at Mugello during the Aprilia All Stars event, when Max was still recovering from a motard injury and he was not yet 100% confident.

About one year later and having resumed track riding on a regular basis once again, Biaggi seems to have reacquired all the automatisms and the speed of a great champion.



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