MotoGP, The AIPS: "GPs without journalists? Dorna infringes the right of the press to inform"

AIPS, the International Sports Press Association, has taken a stand against the decision to only admit TVs to the races


It could be defined as a bit of an arm-wrestling contest. On the one hand there is Dorna, on the other the AIPS (Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive). As we well know, according to the AntiCOVID protocol issued by Dorna to the teams, this includes among the points the exclusion of the press at the restart of the World Championship, scheduled for July 19 in Jerez.

In order to reduce the number of people present in the paddock, the Organizer has in fact decided that the only media outlets that can have access to the circuit are those who hold the television rights, to which will be added a limited circle of selected photographers.

A decision that has not been greeted at all favourably by the AIPS. In recent weeks, some exponents of the printed press have in fact tried to find common ground with Dorna, but each proposal has been refused. Dorna has been clear and uncompromising: no to the media in the paddock, with the exception of the TVs that own the broadcasting rights and some specially selected photographers.

The AIPS however does not agree with this decision, because it affects the right of the press to inform. The association therefore asks the Organizer to reconsider its position, hoping for an opening on the occasion of the Czech Republic round on 9 August.

It must be pointed out however that on this point there is a risk of creating a rift between MotoGP and Superbike. On the subject of media, Superbike might follow a different protocol. Given the highly reduced number of those in possession of a permanent media pass in the paddock of the production-based series, Dorna could in fact evaluate their access when the championship restarts. This is in fact one of the hot topics that are currently being discussed in Spain.


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