MotoGP, MISANO TESTS - Zarco joins the party: on track with the Panigale V4

The French rider took advantage of today's test day to train with his Ducati in view of the start of the championship in mid-July


It might be the sun, or the heat, or maybe the strong appeal of the track, but Johann Zarco is ready to take on that same track in Misano. In fact, he arrived late in the morning and will take advantage of this test day to train on his Panigale V4, also being able to count on more than valid references, like all the Ducati riders who are busy with the Superbike.

This season is undoubtedly very important for Zarco, after the less than happy marriage with KTM last year and the difficult search for another team, and his great desire to train is a clear sign of this.

As we mentioned, Johann will not have a MotoGP but the Panigale V4, which he usually uses to train. However, the day on the Romagna track could also be very useful from a physical aspect, given that the high temperatures in Romagna can be an important test in view of the sweltering races scheduled starting mid-July.

There's really lots to talk about when it comes to Zarco, so all we'll have to do is wait to see him at work.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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