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MotoGP, MISANO TEST - The (red) devil is in the details: Ducati covers the front fork

On Michele Pirro's Desmosedici a new aerodynamic appendage in the front which is now almost completely faired

MotoGP: MISANO TEST - The (red) devil is in the details: Ducati covers the front fork


There is a simple rule in racing, which everyone knows: development cannot be stopped. Of course it can be limited, as was done with the freezing of engines and aerodynamics, but the job of the engineers is to always find some small component and detail to improve or innovate.

If, as we mentioned, the shape of the fairings cannot be modified, there are other areas of the bike where it is still possible to try to invent something. Ducati have been doing just that, as it is plain to see that their technicians have continued to work hard in recent months. The fruits of that work began to be seen today in the Misano tests.

The interesting area is that of the front wheel, where the Desmosedici bikes have had a mini-cover now for some time. The function is purely aerodynamic and this device works in conjunction with the notorious spoon mounted on the swingarm. Not even the carbon cover on the fork sliders is new, but Borgo Panigale engineers have gone even further.

As you can see in the photo above, taken today, on Michele Pirro's Desmosedici also the fork stems are completely faired and the fork is hidden by a profile that aims to improve the aerodynamics of the bike.

Just a small detail, but one that confirms - if there was any need - that in MotoGP it is now necessary to optimize every small component of the vehicle.


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