MotoGP, Pernat: "Dovizioso is different from Rossi, he no longer wants to race"

“Valentino, on the other hand, is terrified of quitting, but for Dovi that’s not the case. For Andrea, the only solution is an annual contract with Ducati. Aprilia? Get Crutchlow "

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Less than one month and then the championship will finally be back on track. Teams and riders are in fact gearing up for the Jerez round. In addition to the challenges on the track there is also the rider market that continues to hold centre stage. Will Petrucci go to KTM? When will Dovizioso and Rossi communicate their intentions? We talked about this and much more in our regular Saturday live chat with Carlo Pernat.

"I have to say that Vergani made an excellent move with KTM - the Italian manager said - during the week they talked about the contract and also about the details. I believe 80% of this operation is done. Dovizioso's situation is more complicated, given that he currently has two solutions, stay with Ducati, or stop racing. He is mentally very tired and is reflecting on what to do. "

Don't you think that Dovi and Vale are in the same situation?

“Valentino is terrified of quitting, while Dovi wants to quit. Perhaps the best solution for Andrea is an annual contract. "

And what will Aprilia do if Iannone is disqualified?

“If I were Aprilia, I would take Cal Crutchlow for a year. Aside from that, what is happening to Iannone is shameful, because a rider and a manufacturer whose sentence is heading for acquittal cannot be kept in check for so long. It is a shameful behaviour. I fear that this situation will drag on to August ”.

Carlo, what do you think of the Superbike calendar with almost all the races in Spain?

“The situation seems clear to me; Superbike was taken by Dorna to put it in a corner with respect to MotoGP. Their priority was to make MotoGP race, then they would think later on about the production-based series. The fact is that in Superbike the manufacturers have to decide what to do to tackle the future situation ".

Let us go off topic for a moment. Would you recommend a young man to be a manager?

"No! Times were different before, there was much more money. Now, if you take a young guy, you have to invest money in him without earning anything. The gain comes later if you are lucky and your rider grows, bringing results. Nowadays, families and managers must take money out of their pockets to start with. "

You lived in the time of great entrepreneurs, men like Claudio Castiglioni and Ivano Beggio, about whom, however, a posthumous autobiography has been published. What similarities and differences did you find between the two?

“The difference was day and night. Claudio was volcanic and inventive, it took him three minutes to take a decision, while Ivano was thoughtful, but then he always made the right decision. Both wanted to win. I saw Beggio cry on his first victory, while Castiglioni went crazy for the first podium of Mamola. Nowadays I see Claudio Domenicali as really similar to them, he is a bit the tail end of these characters. I remember when Castiglioni took the Cagiva 500 and started to test it on the road ".

Let us also talk about Moto3: isn't it strange to see Antonelli, Migno and Fenati in Moto3 again?

“Fenati's story is different, given that he was in Moto2 and then returned to Moto3. Antonelli and Migno have talent but have not yet managed to achieve great results. The fact is that when you arrive at a certain age you then go and take the place of the new young guys. I would in any case like to make a proposal: if after 8 years of Moto3 you have not achieved a certain number of pre-established points, then leave. "

What about Lorenzo then?

“He is not a rider to be discarded in 2021. It is clear that Jorge is a champion, if his head is in place then he has every right and duty to race. But he has to show that he is a racer and not spend his days by the pool. Jorge is strong and if his head is solid, a place could be found for him ”.

Then there is the subject of Rossi: Stoner said it is not good for Vale to end his career in a satellite team.

“Rossi will be in Petronas next season and should he be fighting for the title in 2021, I am convinced that the Yamaha Factory team would not hinder him. Vale has a unique opportunity, as no other rider has had in his career. "

What team will Valentino have with him?

“That is a small big problem. There are difficulties on the economic side, and it will be an aspect that has to be evaluated. In my opinion, Fabio will bring his men in the end and the same will go for Rossi ”.

Will Quartararo beat Marquez?

"I say no. Marc is the strongest of all and the only thing that can put him in a crisis is the situation regarding his brother ".

Carlo: which rider would you never sign?

"Abraham and Rabat, because with them I would never get any results."

With the current calendar, don’t you think that Dovizioso can be helped by the fact that he never crashes?

“He might have some advantages, even if Marc remains favourite. However, I expect the races to be different than usual at the beginning. "



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