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SBK, Savadori: Aprilia RS-GP, a Ferrari” to ride aggressively"

“I study Aleix Espargarò because my style is very similar to his. The new bike is nothing like the previous one, and you feel it as soon as you trun it on."

SBK: Savadori: Aprilia RS-GP, a Ferrari” to ride aggressively"


CIV and MotoGP. Lorenzo Savadori will hardly be bored in this 2020. Besides participating in the Italian Championship with the Nuova M2 team, the rider from Romagna was taken on by Aprilia at the beginning of the year as a test rider. Just recently, on the Misano track, Savadori got the chance to ride the RS-GP 2019, gaining further confidence with it.

Now his goal is to guide the latest evolution launched by the company in Noale, waiting for the curtain to rise on the Italian Championship in July, with Mugello as the starting round of the new season. Last week, Savadori started sharpening his weapons on the Misano track.

“Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been great for us," Lorenzo began. "All this has weighed heavily, and it's going to spoil our plans. I still had two bikes in Misano: the 1100, which I brought to the track on the first day, and the second was the  2019 version of the RS-GP, 2019."

Let's start with the RS-GP. How far do you think you've gotten with adapting?

“The journey is long but, if I think back to the first Sepang test, the sensations are completely different. Now I can ride it more aggressively, with my own style, making better use of braking. This is to mainly summarize the concepts , without going into too much detail. I think I'm on the right track."

What do you think is the biggest limitation of the 2019 version of the RS-GP?

“Obviously, I don't have much experience but, at the moment, the problem I have to deal with is mainly the tires. I've always used Pirelli, and now I have to deal with a tire that's more sensitive. This is perhaps the aspect I need to focus on more."

But the RS-GP 2019 belongs to the past. Now there's the 2020 version.

“I think it's a bike that has nothing to do with the previous one. I only tried it in Sepang but, as soon as you turn it on, you immediately feel that you're riding something different. I would say a Ferrari, just to give an example. In fact, I'd like to get the chance to try it again and figure out the difference between the two."

You stressed the word "aggressive" before. A term that, in some way, equates you with Aleix Espargarò's style.

“I tried to study Aleix a lot these past few months, because I see he's particularly similar to me in riding. He's one of those riders who likes to pull away hard and be aggressive on the bike. Personally, I'm convinced that he'll be able to showcase his qualities with this Aprilia."

How useful do you think a rider like Savadori can be for Aprilia?

“Honestly, I'm at the beginning of this project and, consequently, I'll need to accumulate the necessary experience. The longer I stay on the track to ride with Aprilia, the faster I can make a contribution to the team. In Sepang, I got the chance to confront Aleix, and it was very useful, since I liked many opinions on the bike that we shared."

Lorenzo, let's also talk about the CIV. Do you aim to end Ducati's dominance with the 1100 Aprilia?

“My goal is to be competitive and gamble for the victory. I think this is out of the question. The bike is very competitive and has definitely improved compared to the previous one, and I feel confident inside. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has complicated our plans and also the growth and development of our bike. So we plan to carry out another test before the start of the Championship."

Will it be a head-to-head between you and Pirro?

“I don't know about that. Michele is a great rider who knows the bike well and has been the star of the Championship for several years. He's undoubtedly one of the candidates for the title, like other riders could be. There will be few races and not making mistakes will be essential.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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