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MotoGP, Doohan: "Rossi doesn't show signs of wanting to retire"

“If he continues, he’ll be an asset for the sports world, but he’ll never be forgotten. Alex Marquez was left high and dry without racing, what if he has a great season?”

MotoGP: Doohan:

Everyone is waiting for Valentino Rossi’s decision to continue racing, news that is expected shortly. The Doctor’s days in the MotoGP do not seem to be over yet and, Mick Doohan, interviewed by, is sure of it.


Motorcycling still needs Rossi.

If he stays, it’ll be good for the sports world,”  he added. “He loves racing. Why should he stop if he is mentally fit and keeps up with riders who are 20 years younger than him. It’ll be sad when he retires, but he’ll never be forgotten.”

Doohan also had his say on one of the market’s twists and turns: Pol Eespargarò’s arrival in Honda in place of Alex Marquez.

Alex was left on high and dry without racing. That seems strange to me,”  he said. “Who knows what happened behind the scenes. I certainly don’t. If he has a  great season, then what’ll happen? Will there be room for him? I spoke to Pol. He’ll certainly do well, but not close enough to Honda to say anything more.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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