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MotoGP, Ducati: "We've been the most affected by the stop in development"

Ducati's technicians agree: "We're the ones who innovate the most, so we're the hardest hit," but there's still room for creativity.

MotoGP: Ducati: "We've been the most affected by the stop in development"


The Coronavirus emergency did not spare the World Championship, and its consequences have affected the entire paddock. The general economic situation is also not rosy, and that's why development has had to tighten the purse strings by stopping engines and aerodynamics for the next season too.

A solution that has found the manufacturers in agreement, even if someone knows that this stop will have greater consequences for them than for others. This is the case for Ducati and its technical managers, involved in a meeting with Lenovo.

"Are we the most affected? Yes, we are. It's more difficult for us. Ducati has proven to be the most innovative manufacturer," Davide Barana, Ducati's technical director, said.

Even Gabriele Conti, head of electronics, agrees:“We're the ones who innovate the most. Everyone knows that. It'll be more difficult with reductions in costs. We'll have to test everything first, because we'll only have one chance on the track."

This doesn't mean that Ducati will raise the white flag. Actually, the technicians are already focusing on some areas that do not have development constraints.

"The part of the front wheel and the tail section of the bike. We'll dedicate time to these parts," Edoardo Lenoci, who manages aerodynamics on the Desmosedici, promised.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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