MotoGP, Dovizioso: “We will have to be prepared for the double races physically and also mentally"

Petrucci: “The different temperature could be decisive.” Dall'Igna: "It will require a great effort from everyone, not only from the riders.”


The news of the new calendar for the 2020 season has finally arrived, so now is the time to analyse it in detail. At Ducati, the situation off the track still remains a problem to be sorted out but starting to think about going racing can certainly help calm the waters.

On one side of the box there is Andrea Dovizioso, still in negotiations with Borgo Panigale for a renewal that, in the eyes of many observers, appears to be the best solution for both parties. Beyond this there are now 13 (or more races) to be tackled, in which Dovi will be able to show his true worth. “I trained a lot during this period,” said Andrea, “but it was not easy to do so without knowing if and when we could start racing again.”

Dovizioso has always had the reputation of being a consistent rider who is not prone to error, but in the face of such a tight calendar, the Forlì-born racer also underlined the importance of not making mistakes.

"It will be a challenging season; everyone will have to manage a new situation. It has never happened before to have two races on following weekends at the same track and we will have to be prepared for this aspect not only physically but also mentally. Besides, having so many races in a short time leaves no room for mistakes, and therefore it will be crucial to know how to handle well the situation. I can't wait to get back in the saddle of my Desmosedici GP, meet the team again and finally get back into action."

On the other side of the garage there is Danilo Petrucci, who has a dual mission for the coming season: to be appreciated by the teams with a free seat for 2021 and to make Ducati understand that abandoning him was a mistake. Danilo remains cautious and underlines the strangeness of the season that will start in July. "This, in any case, will be a bizarre season, but having the calendar available, at least allows us to begin to metabolize the new situation."

Petrucci delved into the topic, rightly noting how some events will all have to be worked out in the best way possible, due to the different period of the year in which the race will take place. "We will be racing on circuits that we already know at different times of the year: we never raced in Jerez in July, because normally the race is in May, and the different temperature could be decisive.”

Between the two men in red there is the Deus Ex Machina of the Ducati project, namely Gigi Dall’Igna, who is facing up to a long, hot summer both on and off the track. For the moment, the engineer has glossed over the topic, while trying to kick his troops into shape in view of the battle ahead.

"Despite the many difficulties and restrictions that we will have to accept,” commented Dall’Igna, “I think it is very positive news to finally have a calendar that still allows us to race in 2020, albeit in reduced form. During these months of lockdown, we have done all that it was possible to be ready for the start of the championship: the calendar is hectic. It will require a great effort from everyone, not only from the riders but also from all our engineers and mechanics.”




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