MotoGP, TecnoDovi, all the secrets of the Ducati garage in a series on YouTube

VIDEO: Andrea Dovizioso talks about life in the garage in the company of his crew chief Alberto Giribuola. In the first episode everything that happens when Dovi returns after a session

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


TecnoDovi is the name of a new weekly appointment with Andrea Dovizioso and Alberto Giribuola on Ducati's YouTube channel. The intent of the series is to explain the secrets of a MotoGP team and what goes on inside the box, specifically that of Andrea Dovizioso.

“Let’s say that each session has its own different story, each track and moment as well – said Dovi - We plan the session so we expect that it goes in a certain way, but a lot of unforeseen things can happen. The situation is under control irrespective of whether things are going well or not, because we’ve known each other for the many years we’ve worked and raced together.”

Alberto Giribuola is Dovizioso's crew chief and in this first episode of the new Ducati series he explained, together with Dovi, what happens in the garage when a rider returns after a session on the track.

“It forms part of my job to understand if the lack of feeling can come from a moment in which Andrea is not so calm continued Alberto - You have to understand the important things to do at that moment, that’s the most difficult decision for the crew chief, because a setup change always has counter-indications. In my opinion that makes all the difference at the moment when you and the rider are connected, and you understand each other well.”

In the YouTube video there was also room for some reflection on last season, and Andrea revealed what was the most difficult moment for him every weekend.

“Last year FP3 was the most difficult session of the weekend, more difficult than qualifying and the race – said Dovi.  "Getting into the top 10 was difficult and last year our speed was not optimal and as a result I struggled.”




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