MotoGP, Danilo Petrucci takes a lesson from Tony Cairoli on the dirt

PHOTOGALLERY - An unprecedented day for the rider from Terni, who on the track of Malagrotta faced the nine-time world champion on a motocross bike


Usually we're used to seeing him riding a Ducati on the track. This time he preferred to go cross. An unprecedented day yesterday for Danilo Petrucci, who travelled to the Malagrotta track to train for the World Championship, scheduled for July 19 in Jerez.

To keep him company a certain Tony Cairoli, who needs very few introductions. The nine-time Motocross World Champion has joined the Ducati rider on track, sharing the day's training together.

Not a bad opportunity for Danilo to take some inspiration from a talented rider like the Sicilian. Who knows if one day Petrux will be able to return the favor to Tony, maybe by letting him test the Ducati? It wouldn't be a bad opportunity for Cairoli after riding Yamaha and KTM MotoGP in the past.

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