A snapshot towards fighting Covid-19: an initiative by MotoGP photographers

Until May 29th, you'll be able to buy some of the best shots taken during the World Championship. All proceeds from sales will then be donated to the Two Wheels for Life charity.


The best MotoGP photographers have taken the field in the fight against the Coronavirus. The "eyes" of the MotoGP World Championship have decided to put some of their best shots from around the world up for sale.

The proceeds of the initiative (created by Gigi Soldano and Diego Sperani) will be donated to the Two Wheels for Life association, committed in Africa towards stemming the spread of Covid-19 and other dangerous diseases.

Until May 29th, you can purchase the images on the Two Wheels for Life online shop (click HERE to access them directly). The photographs purchased will be available in digital format or in print with a surcharge.

Here's the list of photographers who have donated their works: Steve Wobster, Ronny Lekl, Peter Ruza (SVET MOTOCYKLOV), Alessandro Miranielli (CORRIERE DI ROMAGNA), Alex Farinelli (Agenzia Milagro), Bonnie Lane (BONNIE LANE FOTOGRAFICA), Cormac Ryan-Meenan (CormacGP/HRC), Dani Vela, Diego Sperani (fotografo ufficiale della MotoGP), Friedrich Weisse (MSD), Friedrich Weisse (MSD), Giorgio Neyroz (DORNA SPORTS), Imre Paulovits (MOTORSPORT AKTUELL), Insang Yoon (RIDE MAGAZINE, KMRA), Jesus Robledo (Agenzia Milagro), Lukasz Swiderek (SPORT BIKES), Marc Robinot (PHILIP MORRIS), Marco Campelli, Rafa Marrodan (OnePercentMagazine), Reinhold Trescher (MOTO SPORT SCHWEIZ), Rob Gray (POLARITY PHOTO), and Tino Martino (Agenzia Milagro).


Translated by Leila Myftija

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