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MotoGP, Motorcycle legend, Carlo Ubbiali, passed away

Gone at 90 due to respiratory problems. He won 9 world titles during his career, 8 with MV Agusta.

MotoGP: Motorcycle legend, Carlo Ubbiali, passed away


Motorcycling legend Carlo Ubbiali passed away in Bergamo at the age of 90 due to respiratory problems. He won a total 9 world titles (6 in the 125 and 3 in the 250), 39 Grand Prixs, and 8 Italian championships.

In 1946, at not even 18 years of age, he started racing and was soon noticed by MV Agusta, for which his father was a dealer. He won many titles with the team from Cascina Costa: 5 in the 125 (from 1955 to 1960, settling for second place only in 1957) and 3 in the 250. But the first in the 125 was with Mondial in 1951.

Fans called him the "fox" for his cleverness when racing, but he was also known as the "Chinese" because of his small stature and the cut of his almond-shaped eyes.

Ubbiali not only participated in speed races but also in regularity rallies and won the gold medal at the Six Days in Wales, as well as getting on the podium in Bergamo with the MV.

After racing, he returned to his father's workshop in Bergamo, and then ended up championing his fellow citizen, Count Agusta Giacomo Agostini.

Everyone at GPOne would like to extend their deepest condolences to Carlo Ubbiali's family and friends.


I think when you work, you just have to be serious. If they ask me what I'll do tomorrow, how can I answer them? I do a half-page essay. I give it to a poet, he makes a novel out of it. Everyone has his own job. I ride motorcycles. And I'm a man of few words.

(Carlo Ubbiali, 1929-2020. 9 times World Champion)

Translated by Leila Myftija

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