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MotoGP, Forbes: Federer the ‘Scrooge McDuck’ of sport, Rossi and Marquez outside the 100

There is no room for any motorcyclist in the ranking of the highest paid sportsmen in the world. F1 can console itself with Hamilton, Vettel and Ricciardo

MotoGP: Forbes: Federer the ‘Scrooge McDuck’ of sport, Rossi and Marquez outside the 100


If you want to become a millionaire with sport, don't bother with bikes. It’s better to go to tennis, or football and your bank account (talent permitting) will be happy. Forbes magazine has in fact just published an updated ranking of the world’s top earning sportsmen in 2020 and, in the top 100 positions, there is no trace of motorcycle racers.

The first place goes to Roger Federer, tennis legend and almost the same age as Valentino Rossi, who puts the remarkable amount of 106 million dollars in his pocket. One more than Cristiano Ronaldo, while Lionel Messi, another footballer, makes up the podium, and is also the last sportsman to be able to count on 3-digit earnings (with 6 zeros behind, of course).

As for the top 10, Neymar precedes a trio of basketball players (LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant), then the list turns to golf with Tiger Woods and finally American football thanks to Kirk Cousins ​​and Carson Wentz.

Their four-wheel cousins ​​do better than motorcycle racers, boasting at least 3 appearances in the standings. The first is Lewis Hamilton who with 54 million dollars takes the 13th position, clearly some way ahead of his colleagues. His German rival Sebastian Vettel does not go any higher than 32nd place while Daniel Ricciardo is in a decent enough (for him anyway) 48th place.

As mentioned, neither Marc Marquez nor Valentino Rossi, the two highest-earning riders in MotoGP, are present. According to Forbes data, this would mean that neither of them approach the $ 21.8 million of Sergio Ramos, who brings up (so to speak) the ranking.


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