SBK, Pirro: "The Ducati V4 must become like the Desmosedici"

“In Thursday's test I started to follow a different path than Bautista's. To date, the true potential of Panigale has not yet been exploited "


He has been perhaps the rider who has done the most laps on the track in the past few weeks. We are talking about Michele Pirro, who after the test of fifteen days ago returned to action again on Thursday on the Misano track.

The Ducati test rider tried out the Panigale that he uses in the CIV for the occasion, afterwards his attention shifted to the Rossa that takes part in the Superbike World Championship. It was an opportunity to evaluate many aspects in view of the resumption of the world championship when it will then be up to Redding and Davies to make the difference.

"I must say that it was a beautiful day - Michele began - I was pleased to find the whole team in this unusual context and I have to thank Barnabò for the great effort he made in organizing this appointment. Among other things, seeing the mechanics in the box with masks it seemed to me that I was at NASA (smiles). It was strange, but rightly so we are aware of the safety measures to respect, given that health comes first. As you already know this was my second test and I was able to slip into all the usual automatic actions, as a result being able to go in search of the limit. In the end, feeling the adrenaline flowing in the blood is our fuel. "

Michele, what emerged from this day on the track?

“As you know in Phillip Island, certain aspects we had to evaluate had emerged, such as the braking for Chaz or the difficulties in attacking by Scott. So we started to explore different areas than usual to be able to have some margin in the future. So far I think we have clearer ideas about what to do. "

In Australia, one thing that struck us was the difficulty of the V4 in overtaking…

“The engine is an identifying feature of Ducati, but at the same time it is also necessary to be effective when cornering. By this I mean that we need to find a fair compromise and that is exactly what my work has focused on ".

Will it be a different Ducati V4 the one we will find at the start or simply more advanced?

“The basic bike remains what it is, but with some improvements. I am of the opinion that the potential of the V4 has not yet been fully explored. Last year Bautista took the Ducati in one direction, but now we need to take a different path. I think the goal is the same as MotoGP, that is to make the bike rideable for everyone as it happens with the Desmosedici. In fact, that is the way forward and what we focused on in Thursday's test. "

Bautista was a rider who especially preferred cornering speed...

“Alvaro has a particular style and a light weight. Following his line is not profitable, therefore it is necessary to look towards other areas. Our goal is to be able to be strong with the V4 even without having a sliding style like Alvaro ".

In the meantime, Barnabò has said that he would like to have you race in the SBK World Championship this year…

“I thank Marco because he is a person who puts so much effort into it. If there were to be the right conditions, it would be a great pleasure, but we will have to organize it well and with the right timing. In fact, I remember the experience of last year, which did not go as planned. Unfortunately on that occasion we prepared everything at the last minute and I struggled on the weekend.

What can you say to Puig after his latest declarations? Apparently, your words didn’t leave him indifferent…

“In my opinion it has all been a bit exaggerated. Mine was in fact just a joke and I didn't want to create any controversy, also because as said it was a simple comment. I'm just sorry that there are no wildcards this year, as it would have been nice to see me and Jorge on the track. I’d therefore like to take this opportunity to clarify and at the same time close the discussion ".

Michele, where will Petrucci race next year?

"Dunno, you’ll have to ask him (jokes). To be honest, I don't know. What can I say: Miller has shown he has grown a lot over the last season and in the end Ducati gave him an official bike for 2021… I feel sorry for Danilo that he finds himself in this situation before the start of the World Championship. "

Will Dovi remain?

“You’ll have to ask him that too (he smiles). I think for Andrea and Ducati the best choice is to carry on together "




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