MotoAmerica gets underway with sanitized trophies and no champagne

The USA is at the centre of the epidemic, but the engines are starting up again. NASCAR has already raced, SBK will start from Elkhart Lake this weekend. Supercross will also be on track from Salt Lake City


It was NASCAR last weekend that kicked off the return of motor sport Made in the USA. The United States continues to suffer, and as we all know the 50 American states are now the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, but sport is starting again. After NASCAR, this weekend it's the turn of MotoAmerica and AMA Supercross to take centre stage respectively in Elkhart Lake and Salt Lake City.

The restart, however, is not being taken lightly by the organizers, given the conditions which the country is facing these days and the security protocols are dense and quite complicated. This means that racing will take place, but not as it used to be before the coronavirus epidemic.

Face masks, safety distances, checks, are some of the keywords to be followed before returning to do battle again between the curbs. Of course behind closed doors. The protocol adopted by the MotoAmerica championship is however an example of what MotoGP might follow.

Below is a list of the most important rules and precautions that must be respected in MotoAmerica (you can find the complete document here).

1) Closed doors

Obviously, all the events will be without spectators, a difficulty for the organizers but a necessary evil to allow the show to continue.

2) Social distance and masks

All circuits must guarantee a surface area of ​​at least 4000 square metres to allow for minimum distances between people. In the event that it is necessary or impossible to maintain a distance of more than 6 feet (about 2 metres), the use of masks will be mandatory. Body temperature will be constantly monitored throughout the paddock.

3) Risk mitigation techniques

Risk mitigation techniques will be implemented to ensure that the risk of contagion does not exceed the severity of the injury in the event of an accident and that the injury remains manageable and tolerable. All according to this table.

4) Virtual meetings

Meetings between the riders will be "virtual". The meeting will also include COVID-19 physical distancing education. All riders will be required to watch a video and carry out a knowledge review by 12:00 on Tuesday 26 May.

5) Technical inspections

The technical inspection will be open to only two team members, one team at a time. One person will present the bike with the transponder and the other will present the equipment for the riders and the team's radio. Lines will be drawn to keep distances. A technician will check the gears and equipment outside; once approved, the bike will be authorized. All staff and competitors must wear masks during the technical inspection. The staff will replace the gloves, wash their hands or use disinfectant in the event of contact between the staff member and the motorcycle or tools.

6) Podium, rider interviews and press conferences

No one else other than authorized MotoAmerica staff, the top three riders, one team representative for the Superbike and Supersport winner and one mechanic per team will be able to enter the podium area of ​​the parc fermé. All people watching the podium must wear a mask. The mechanic will be asked to wear a mask, his job is only to put the bike on the stand, once done he will have to leave the area. The riders will be interviewed via boom microphone to maintain physical distances. Once on the podium, the riders will receive the sanitized trophy, there will be no champagne.



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