MotoGP, Crutchlow: "If you try to imitate Marquez's style, it won't end well."

"Marc manages to lock the front wheel three or four times more than any other Honda rider during a race. His control of the bike is incredible."


Everyone can see that Marquez is a whiz and that what he manages to do on a bike is not something for many, perhaps for none. And a very few can "spy" on his telemetry to try to understand his secrets. Cal Crutchlow is part of this small circle. The LCR rider rides the same bike as Marc and has access to his data. What he's seen has left him speechless.

"It's difficult to understand how he does it, because he wins even when his bike isn't able to,"  he explained in an interview with BT Sport. "The way he's able to control the bike, the risks he takes, how he manages to glide with the bike, the way he uses the brakes is incredible."

It's especially how he controls the brakes that surprises Cal.

Take one at twenty laps, and I can guarantee that Marc locks the front wheel three or four times more than any other Honda rider does," he continued. "In the data, we see the deceleration line. When it becomes jagged, that means that its locked. If another rider has six spikes on that line, he might have fifteen in one corner or one that's two meters long. And he does it for twenty laps and still manages to win. It's just the way he rides. We riders lock the front wheel quite often. We understand how to do it, but it's something spectacular to see at what inclination Marquez manages to do that, how he manages to control it and not fall."

Can he be imitated? Crutchlow is very doubtful.

"On one hand, it's good to be able to learn from him but, on the other, you can't learn from him because, if you try to do what Marc does, it won't end well ," Cal warned. "Sometimes you can do some of what he does, but you have to first filter  it then start from there."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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