SBK, Scott Redding: "I should hate a guy like Rea"

A repartee between the Ducati rider and the multi-awarded champion: "If it were mutual, it would be useful." Johnny: "This World Championship is a deal for six."


Not one, but two riders. An unprecedented live chat organized by the WorldSBK site with Johnny Rea and Scott Redding. The two riders are undoubtedly among the most eagerly awaited for 2020, although the only consolation to date remains the Phillip Island round.

Waiting for the engines to start up again, Johnny and Scott exchanged a few jokes during the break. In the interview, the Ducati rider rewound the tape to the past: “Johnny, do you remember when we met? I was still racing in the CEV." The Kawasaki rider had an immediate answer: "Exactly. I remember that I came to Spain to train. I had to lose a few pounds."

Then they talked about motocross: "I started really young," Rea remembered."I would have liked to become a cross rider but, in the end, I'm here in the Superbike." Right, the Superbike that, starting this year, will also have #45 at the starting line. Rea and Redding have an excellent relationship, even if Scott let a comment slip out: "I think it would be useful if we actually did hate each other," the Ducati rider said jokingly, "since I'm the BSB and a former MotoGP rider who's arriving in the world championship."

In all seriousness, Rea answered, laughing: “Really. All joking aside, many have asked me about you. In my opinion, you're one of the greatest riders, like Toprak and van der Mark, but also Chaz and the two Hondas. It will be interesting to see what will happen when we get back on the track."

These are the main contents of the first of the four episodes of the live chat between Redding and Rea.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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