MotoGP, Ezpeleta: "We won't stop the GP if someone tests positive"

"It will not go like F1 in Australia. Today we are much more prepared on the subject. We will have to see the extent of the problem. If there is still a quarantine in Spain, we will start elsewhere"

Submitted by GPone on Sun, 17/05/2020 - 17:48

MotoGP will not shut everything down, as happened at F1 during the aborted Grand Prix in Australia, someone tests positive for coronavirus, declared Carmelo Ezpeleta who is still trying to sort out the restart of the World Championship, to Spanish website Marca.

"Today we are much more prepared on the subject,” explained the CEO of Dorna. “We will have to see the extent of the problem. As I said, we are drafting a protocol of agreement with the requests of nations. We have done like the Spanish Football League; we are waiting to present our measures as soon as we see that it is possible to travel. We await approval or request for any changes that may be necessary. I cannot say that if we find someone who tests positive, we should stop the Grand Prix.”

Spain at the moment seems to be going against the trend with other European states and is imposing a quarantine for people entering.

“If we started today, that would be the case. We will see at the end of June, but I think things will change. If we do not approve the protocol scheduled for Jerez on July 19, perhaps we will start later, or race elsewhere and then come to Spain. The intention is to start on July 19, but it will depend on obtaining the necessary permits. "



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