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MotoGP, F1 attempts 19 GPs, Dorna's still cautious with the 2020 calendar

Liberty Media attempts a World Championship in 17 countries, including 10 outside Europe: Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Japan, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi. Dorna's more cautious because of the lockdown.

MotoGP: F1 attempts 19 GPs, Dorna's still cautious with the 2020 calendar

While the MotoGP is heming and hawing with the decision on a possible calendar, the F1 is putting its foot down and has even proposed nineteen races between the beginning of July and mid-December, with double races in Austria, Great Britain, and Bahrain.

The highest formula in motor racing, instead of staying in Europe, like Dorna plans to do, hopes to reach Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Japan, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi.

Too optimistic? Maybe.

At this time, in fact, some restrictions are still in place - lockdowns - by various governments. And it's clear that these measures don't depend on Chase Carey, head of Liberty Media, but on the host nations.

England, for example, foresees a F1 with races taking place on July 26th and August 2nd, always behind closed doors, of course.

"I'm happy to confirm that Silverstone and the Formula 1 have reached an initial agreement to host two races behind closed doors this summer," Silverstone's CEO, Stuart Pringle, stated before adding, "However, these races will be subject to government approval, since our priority is everyone's safety and strict compliance with Covid-19 regulations."

The fact is that the F1 is currently negotiating with the government in an attempt to obtain an exemption for its personnel from lockdown regulations, which require international travelers to observe a 14-day self-quarantine period. If this doesn't happen, it will be impossible for the F1 personnel to travel from when the scheduled opening of the season from Austria to Great Britain is to occur.

Obviously, some restrictions may be loosened from today to early July... but there's nothing certain, even if the Monster Supercross has already announced that it will be starting in the USA, for example.

Failure to reach an agreement could cause the organization of two races in Silverstone to fail, since the F1 paddock would remain stuck in Austria.

This is exactly the situation that Dorna is going through with regard to the start of the Grand Prix on July 19th in Jerez, because the Spanish government also requires a quarantine.

But it's true that, if the restrictive measures were loosened, the MotoGP, originally scheduled for August 30th in England, may also return to Silverstone.

For the moment, however, Dorna maintains a more cautious attitude than Liberty Media that, perhaps counting on a racing car's greater economic advantage, is trying to run the blockade by proposing an almost complete championship, since it would take place in seventeen countries.

F1 temporary calendar:

July 3rd-5th Austrian GP
July 10th-12th Red Bull Ring '2' GP
July 24th-26th British GP
July 31st-August 2nd Silverstone '2' GP
August 7th-9th Hungarian GP
August 21st-23rd Spanish GP
August 28th-30th Belgian GP
September 4th-6th Italian GP
August 18th-20th Azerbaijan GP
August 25th-27th Russian GP
October 2nd-4th Chinese GP
October 9th-11th Japanese GP
October 23rd-25th USA GP
October 30th-November 1st Mexican GP
November 6th-8th Brazilian GP
November 20th-22nd Vietnam GP
November 27th-29th Bahrain GP
December 4th-6th Bahrain '2' GP
December 11th-13th Abu Dhabi GP

Translated by Leila Myftija

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