MotoGP, Alex Marquez apologizes: "I like pineapple on pizza!"

In a fun banter, Marquez junior confessed his "sin" and also offered other revealing answers about his personality on the official MotoGP website


Alex Marquez is not only Marc's younger brother, but also the rider that everyone will be keeping an eye on this year, since he'll be making his MotoGP debut on the Repsol Honda team, the team that has dominated the premier class for several seasons.

It won't be an easy championship for the reigning MotoGP world champion, who would have needed to gain some experience first but, as we can see from how quickly he answered the questions on, Alex doesn't seem very worried.

When asked to define himself in three words, Marquez junior didn't hesitate: "worker, honest, and dreamer," he explained.

And the next question - his best quality - he said: " I'm determined. If I'm in front of an obstacle, I try, I try, I try until I overcome it."

On a lighter topic, Alex's answers were level-headed, without revealing anything unusual...

"Between the sea and mountains? I choose the sea during summer and the mountains in winter. Between sunrise and sunset, sunset. Between tea and coffee, coffee."

So, everything was fairly normal, until he was asked if he likes pineapple on pizza...

"Yes, I'm sorry, but I really like it," he admitted. He then continued, revealing that he prefers Netflix to Youtube, Instagram to Twitter and, returning to more motorcycle-related topics: dry races, soft tires, and more power instead of torque.

Details? Triviality? Maybe... but no one would have expected pineapple on pizza!


Translated by Leila Myftija

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