MotoGP, Puig: "We trust Marquez, you can't win without taking risks"

"Even with a short championship, you can't hide. Marc's condition was worse than expected. Alex's renewal? We're waiingt to get back on the track and see his stuff."


Everyone is chomping at the bit to start again, and they're all ready, including Honda. "There's always a calm after the storm" is the message that Alberto Puig launched when he was interviewed by The Repsol team manager is ready to face the championship and so are his riders.

"Even if we were to start in a week, we'd be ready," he stated.

This prolonged stop helped Marc Marquez get back into shape. His shoulder operation had given him more problems than expected and, in certain cases, time is the best healer.

Marc was injured, more seriously than we expected," the manager revealed. "It was not going to be easy for him, but you must always have faith in your rider. Marc is a real fighter. He's not a guy who gives up. Honda also has the same character. We've had a long relationship, a success story. We both trust each other."

Many wonder what will happen with a championship that will have fewer races and on just a few circuits.

You can't make mistakes, but nor can you expect to win a championship by lagging behind," Puig responded. "We'll have to take risks, be smart so as not to fall, and be the fastest. If the bike won't be ready for some tracks, The rider will have to help it out. Instead, when the bike is okay, we'll have to take advantage of this. If you want to win a World Championship, you have to win races."

Alberto also spoke about the situation of the younger Marquez brothers.

"It wasn't an easy start for Alex," he admitted. "I'm sure we can give him a different bike. We already have it in mind. It won't be easy for him but, when he gets more comfortable on the Honda, he can start to demonstrate his potential."

As for the renewal, Honda's waiting.

"He has a one-year contract. It seemed right to give him that opportunity. Now we're waiting to get back on track and see what he can do,"  the manager explained.

Then he returned to what Dovizioso said, when he was amazed at the four-year contract Marquez signed, thinking that the Spanish rider would accept the challenge on another bike.

"I don't understand why he's surprised. Even Andrea contacted us to ask us for a motorcycle," Puig explained. But he forgot to say that this approach dates back two years ago, and it's not recent.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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