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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "I will have to see if Yamaha will need a test team in 2021"

"I would have liked to race at Montmelò, but without any testing ... racing just for racing’s sake wouldn't make sense." Now he’s wondering what he will do after this sabbatical year…

MotoGP: Lorenzo: "I will have to see if Yamaha will need a test team in 2021"


Informed by of the impossibility, this year, of racing as a wildcard, Jorge Lorenzo can’t disguise his disappointment, like Michele Pirro yesterday.

"It is a shame because I really wanted to race again with Yamaha in Montmelò and I won’t be able to, but it was also clear to me that I wanted to do it in good conditions,” he explained, adding: “it would have been crazy to do it without any previous tests. The goal was to race and help Yamaha with four consecutive days of practice to give them as much information as possible. In addition, it would have been daunting to do it without an audience; even though I would have raced behind closed doors I could have done it if I had been in good shape, but racing for the sake of racing doesn't make any sense," he concluded.

Jorge would also have liked to be in Misano or Motegi, circuits that were always favourable to him, and it is clear that in this moment of inactivity, with development frozen, he is starting to wonder what he will do next year. Test rider or full-time rider again?

"I have to talk to Yamaha again to see if we can still work together on the test team next year," was his answer.

Which means everything and nothing...


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