MotoGP, Quartararo: "I’m still in awe of Rossi, but I'm not scared"

"The first thing I did on my Qatar debut was follow him in FP1. Talking to him is always special, he's my idol, but I'm not scared of being part of the factory team. Marquez is impressive, but Dovi is also fluid and he goes really strong "

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Day after day the Live sessions on the social channels of GPOne are continuing, and the illustrious guests continue to follow one another. Yesterday was the turn of (probably) the most crystalline talent in today's motorcycling, namely Fabio Quartararo, who from his home in Andorra answered the questions of Paolo Scalera, Matteo Aglio and the many fans who followed the event on Facebook and YouTube, in the company of his manager Eric Mahe.

The Frenchman for his part is obviously preparing for the resumption of action, which should coincide with the double race at Jerez in July. “Even if it were triple it would not be a problem - joked Fabio - indeed it would be a pleasure. The start will certainly be strange, but I'm ready: currently I can't ride a motorbike, so I only do physical training. "

What other sports do you like to practice?

"Aside from the bike ... I really like motocross!"

Many people are wondering about the origin of your nickname "El Diablo". Can you unravel the mystery?

“The nickname came about during my early years as a rider, when I wore a Roberto Locatelli replica helmet with a devil on the back. For this reason one of my first rivals started calling me that way, and the nickname has kept with me so far. "

A lot of people say that the Yamaha is an easy-to-ride motorcycle. Does this assertion make you angry?

“Not particularly, also because I think that no bike is easy to ride. It depends on the riding style of each one, given that there have been plenty of riders who have struggled on the Yamaha: an aggressive rider can struggle on a Yamaha and less on a Honda. Personally, I am comfortable on Yamaha because it suits me. "

What is your opinion on the M1 2020?

“I have tried the M1 2020 for only 5 days and I have not been able to feel a big difference. Yamaha's goal was to improve top speed and it seems to have succeeded judging by the performance of Maverick and Valentino, but I used an engine with a lot of mileage on it. I will probably need a bit more time, but the important thing is that I felt good on the bike ".

Were you ever really close to going to Ducati?

"Last year I felt really comfortable riding the Yamaha, and the fact that I have a factory bike this year even though I am not on the internal team convinced me definitively to marry the Yamaha project. Obviously, the promotion to the official team next year has increased this belief. "

"It's about making the right progression – chipped in his manager, Eric Mahe - we preferred to wait for the situation to clear up, but it was clear that it would have been better for Fabio not to make too many changes. So it's perfect: the first year in the satellite team, the second in the same team with the official bike and finally two seasons in the Factory team".

A correct observation. Having the right manager helps, so when did you two meet? "

"When he was still in Moto3 - continues Eric - Fabio had some problems with his previous situation and we talked. In my opinion, personal relationships are really important. Being the manager of a rider is not only an economic or organizational issue, you must like each other ".

Fabio, thinking about the future, how many world championships do you think you can conquer between now and ten years’ time?

"I hope ten (laughs). I'm training as hard as possible to achieve my goals, but we'll see what the future holds. "

Quartararo: "The passage to the official team doesn't scare me, talking with Rossi is always strange"

How do you feel if you think about your promotion to the official Yamaha team?

"I'm calm, after all it's the best thing that could have happened to me in this period".

Will you bring your squad with you?

"It's something we still need to talk about, it's a bit early, but I'd like to bring my technicians with me because I get on well with them."

How is your relationship with the man on your future bike, Valentino Rossi?

"The relationship between me and him is really good, but it's always strange to talk to Vale because I’m talking to my idol, and that's why I'm always a little nervous. I remember that the first thing I did in Qatar FP1 was to do some laps with him. I often looked at his data, but this is also a bit special for me. "

Thinking about the tracks on which you will almost certainly race this year, like Jerez, which are your favourites?

“Hard to say, a rider loves the tracks where he collects good results. I'd like not to race in Germany and Aragon, since Marquez is really strong on those two tracks (he smiles). "

What do you think of the new adventure that awaits Alex Marquez in Honda?

"Alex has won two World Championships and we will have to see how he will go on a MotoGP bike, after only having done two tests. I am convinced that after two races we will understand his level"

Have you thought about putting the number 47?

"That is 46 + 1? I will only do this when I win the world championship title (laughs). "

Quartararo: "I don't understand why Dovizioso is not considered a direct rival to Marquez, he has really impressed me"

What's the secret to beating Marquez?

“If I knew the secret, I would have already won races. I think I lacked some experience, as 2019 was my first season in MotoGP. Now I have it, I don't say that it will be easier to beat Marquez but maybe this season it will be less complicated to do it, I will still have to work hard to improve”.

What is your relationship with Morbidelli?

"Franco is a discreet person, we don't talk a lot, but I consider him sincere, that's why there is a good relationship in the garage".

On the spot question: a race with victory all on your own or an elbow-to-elbow fight?

"The important thing is to win, even if taking part in a race like Misano, where you have Marc behind for the whole GP has a special flavour. The fact is that to date I haven't done a head-to-head race with Marquez yet.”

What do you think of Dovizioso instead?

“The strange thing is that Dovi is not considered a direct rival of Marquez, instead in recent years he has always finished second in the World Championship. For me this is something that should make you think, even if people don't consider him a top rider. He and Marc are the only ones who have really impressed me on the track. When you follow Dovi you seem to go 10 seconds slower but instead you go really fast.”

Were you inspired by any racer in riding the Yamaha?

“Some people say that I look like Lorenzo, but for me it is a natural thing to ride the M1 like that. I am not inspired by any particular rider ".

What do you think of the separation between Vettel and Ferrari? Would you like to drive an F1 car one day?

“I will take Seb's place next year in Ferrari, didn’t I tell you?! Seriously, it's too early to think about four wheels, although I would like to be able to do a test with Formula 1 ... They are really fast in the corners. To tell the truth, it seems to me that our sponsor, Petronas, has something to get me to try."



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