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MotoGP, Guintoli: "I thought about racing in the Tourist Trophy... for 5 minutes!"

"My wife said no, but the adrenaline rush on the Isle of Man is incredible. As a rider, you only have fun when you win. I like being a tester."

MotoGP: Guintoli:

He's been world champion in the SBK, tester for Suzuki in the MotoGP for several years, and also a successful YouTuber the past couple of months. Sylvain Guintoli doesn't have time to get bored, and it was precisely during a humdrum moment that he decided to invent something new.

I was getting bored at home last winter," he told Top Gear. "It's too cold to go for a ride and, for two months, you sit and watch curling thinking about bikes. So I thought it would be interesting to start making videos."

The Donington circuit is just a half hour away from Sylvain's house and, between words and deeds, it didn't take him long. The first video was about what it was like to ride a road bike (the GSX-R) on the track.

The initial idea was to compare the MotoGP with the real world," he explained. "If you wanted to make a similar comparison in the world of cars, to start with something competitive, you have to spend at least 100 thousand dollars. Bikes, on the other hand, are very similar. Some road bikes exceed 200 HP. You get close to 300 in the a MotoGP, but you can't use all the power on the bike. 200 HP on any type of bike are really a lot. The main thing is the weight/power ratio, then the tires make a difference, and that's it. It's about details, a few seconds here and there."

It was an idea that his fans really appreciated, but Guintoli is happy with his role as a tester.

I like it," he confirmed. "We work on all fronts, on the development of the engine, chassis, brakes, and on aerodynamics. Many times they're performance tests, so you can go as fast as you can. When you race, the only fun moment is when you win. Working on a test team is more laid back."

Speaking of racing, Sylvain confessed that he had thought of taking part in the road races, which are very popular in Great Britain, where he lives.

"I thought about it... for 5 minutes!" he said. "I did a lap of honor on the Isle of Man, with the roads closed to traffic. It was only supposed to be a parade. I was with other SBK riders on road bikes. We were only there to have a good time and do some wheelies but it turned into something awesome. I was beyond my limits, because I didn't know the track at all. You can not compare with anything else the sensations you feel by taking a ride on the Isle of Man. The adrenaline rush is incredible. When I returned, I started telling myself: 'That's great, maybe I should give it some thought.' But my wife immediately said no to me."

Ubi maior... Guintoli, however, has not closed the doors to another legendary race among riders: the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

"Those who raced in it told me it's something special. The French love that race, so I must have it in my DNA," he concluded.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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