MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Reason is not enough, you need instinct to be successful"

"With rationality alone, you're limited. I didn't miss my motorbike on a mental level. My perfect race? Misano in 2018."


On the day the (possible) MotoGP start date (July 19th in Jerez) was announced, Andrea Dovizioso talked about this  period at 7 pm with Corriere della Sera.

I miss the training sessions, the bike itself, the energy you use, the adrenaline, " he confessed. "They're strong sensations I'm used to. I miss the routine, and it was especially tough on a mental level."

Confinement at home, however, also had its positive sides for the Ducati rider.

I'm looking for tranquility, and I like to have my spaces and my pace," he explained."We're usually always in a rush, and you can't enjoy everything you've managed to achieve. I've liked this break on one hand but, in the long run, it gets oppressive. There are pros and cons in everything. One con is not being able to experience your passions. The positive thing was stopping, having time to think, and putting my things in order."

In a way, it was taking some well-deserved rest.

The effort that's needed to reach these levels is very high," Dovi said."There are many years of competition and few win. As a result, all the others suffer because defeat is difficult to accept. Only if you experience them can you understand these difficulties. There's a lot of pressure in the MotoGP. It's normal and we need it, but if you can't win, it becomes oppressive. What you do is never enough. You take risks and these involve errors. It's part of the life of us riders. You have to manage many situations at an extreme level, and this pressure becomes burdensome as the years pass."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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