MotoGP, Marquez: "Ducati came looking for me, but Honda can give me more"

"No manufacturer could have a better technical project, and this convinced me. The Yamaha is the best bike for a rookie, F1 gives a unique adrenaline rush"


Multiple world champion Marc Marquez was a guest of Sky Sport24 today, and surrounded by his many trophies he spoke a lot about himself between past, present and future "I'm fine in general - Marc began - and my shoulder is also improving, given that both the nerves and the muscles are starting to work in the right direction. Coexistence with my brother is fine, we challenge each other, especially in training, among other things here in Spain we are slowly starting to play sports again ".

The relationship with his brother Alex is obviously important at the moment, but it will certainly be more important when the season finally gets underway.

“Your teammate is always the first man to beat as he has your bike, but it is still difficult to understand his level. Alex is a rookie while I have to stay ahead: he has a lot of determination and energy; each one of us will work on his problems but at home we will work together to grow. If Alex wins the title my first thought will be that I didn't reach my target, but then I would celebrate with him. "

Many had predicted that Alex would join Marc in 2020, but the world champion revealed something of the background, and analysed which is the best bike for a novice.

“Puig never told me anything in advance about who my teammate would be for 2020, he always told me to think only about my things and my goals, even after winning the title. The best bike for a rookie I would say is the Yamaha, at least looking at the numbers. If you have to get on a Honda it is better not to get on a Yamaha or Suzuki first, because they are really different bikes and as a result the working methods are also different ".

Going back to Marc, the Spaniard then spoke about how he arrived at the decision to renew with Honda until 2024.

“Honda was the first to move to extend the contract until 2024, and I didn't mind that. We knew that we would both have gained from it: no manufacturer could give me more from a technical point of view, we just have to see how things will go. I know what people think, that if you don't win with two bikes you are not as strong as someone who did, but I don't agree. Ducati came looking for me, but when I started talking to Honda, I made my decision. "

The man from Cervera has the DNA of a winner, and like all winners it is unusual for them to sing their own praises, even while thinking about the upcoming season.

“When you win the title you look in the mirror and you feel fulfilled, but the rest of the time I always try to improve myself and not stop. You can't make a mistake this season because there are fewer races, but we will have to wait for the calendar to develop a strategy. "

In conclusion, Marc also spoke about people he admires in the world of sport, of his experience aboard a Formula 1 and what he hopes to leave to the world of two wheels…

“I like a lot of champions from other sports: I remember that when Messi greeted me by calling me by name in 2014, I felt like dying (laughs, Ed.). F1? The adrenaline it gives you is really different from that of a motorcycle. If you make a mistake, you can do almost nothing to put it right, it's all in the hands, while riding a motorcycle you can try to put things right with your body. I would like people to say about me at the end of my career that I gave everything on the track, that I put on a fantastic show like Doohan and Mamola ".




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